Deepak Raj (Chemical Engineer and MBA) Sustainabilty

"My role in waste water minimization, improved safety and focus on energy efficiency makes me particularly happy to work for Haryana. I feel proud to make a difference in our world. This is truly rewarding."

Rajesh Rana (Networking Technologist)

"I am doing different things and handle new challenges on instrumentation and analysis every day. These assignments stretch my abilities allowing me to grow."

Mukhtar (Networking Engineer)
Information Technology

"I choose Haryana because of its compact team, yet a global presence. The work exposure has been enormous. Haryana provides opportunities for me to grow personally and professionally."

H. S. Tripathi (Commerce Graduate)
Business Development

"From logistics to dealer management, and now working on new product launches, I have grown with every project. These projects bring new challenges and experiences that allow for new opportunities."