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While you strive to deliver your very best; Haryana rewards you for that extra effort. While we appreciate your work ethics, we also ensure that compensation and performance complement each other. We also believe that top talent at Haryana should be recognized even out of turn and rewarded top tier compensation.

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Recognition and Reward                                                               Read More

At Haryana, your good work does not remain unnoticed We recognize and let you know that we’ve noticed your good work and your contributions through special rewards. Instead of just saying “Thank You” we regularly and meaningfully give cash rewards for day-to-day contributions as well as milestone results. Haryana employee recognition programs include a number of performance appraisals and service awards.

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Development of employee’s knowledge and skill set is a priority in Haryana’s ever-evolving work environment. Our development culture comes to life as employees continually develop and apply the skills necessary for the company to compete and excel. We ensure that employees remain at forefront of their respective fields by increased interaction with outside experts, training programs, magazines, journals and seminars. Opportunities range from taking on-the-job risks for the sake of trying new ideas, online research, and participation in inter departmental networks.

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We know with certainty that each employee can make a difference, if given opportunity. We look for candidates who thrive in a collaborative environment. Our founders believed that even a small idea can have the potential of causing a big change. Errors and failures are a part of learning and endeavoring toperform better. We encourage employees to constantly introspect or ask “why not this method” or “why not now”? Our commitment to improving methods and products and never becoming complacent with short-term successes shaped more than 30 years of discovery and innovation at Haryana.

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Our culture to value discipline and ethics, and our passion for compliances is reflected in the code of conduct at each rank or level. We measure success not by the financial profits we achieve, but how ethically we earn and share the benefits of success. We expect all employees abide by our Code of Business Conduct which sets Haryana’s principles on how we conduct business around the globe.

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Most global organisations are under constant pressure to produce goods and services, of the right quality under tight delivery schedules.  This pressure can sometime mean added stress and affect employee’s family lifeAt Haryana, we understand each employee has to perform two jobs – to work and also look after children or elderly parents. We regularly evaluate workloads and pressure zones to ensure no employee is overworked. We ensure each employee creates and maintains a balance between professional and personal goals while respecting company’s business objectives.

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At Haryana, sustainability is about our interface with our community and our responsibility towards consuming resources that we share with our community. Be it water or energy consumption, we rigorously set our target -- for minimizing waste water, minimizing heat losses, ensuring most energy efficient fuel burn and reducing trash - and make sure we achieve them. We do not shy away from our responsibility towards the environment. Being a chemical company it is not easy. A visit to our plant and laboratories is essential to understand our focus to sustainability and environment.

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To keep our employees and their families healthy and safe, we offer a variety of programs to promote wellness. These include regular monitoring, communications, weight management and smoking cessation counselling, just to name a few. Our comprehensive benefits program ensures that our employees and their families receive appropriate medical care and support whenever needed. Our relentless effort to keep everyone safe and ensure zero accidents is reflected in our past history. Our proactive identification of hazards and their mitigation remains top priority of senior managers.

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We value each religion, ethnicity, beliefs, backgrounds and perspectives that our employees bring. We tap this diversity to fuel growth and innovation. We are committed to building a diverse and talented employee. Haryana’s diverse community represents many states across India and Indian subcontinent.