The discipline of chemical engineering is undergoing a major transformation. A new paradigm of ‘borderless chemical engineering science’ is emerging. The demands from the society on ‘cleaner’ technologies rather ‘clean-up’ technologies, the emergence of ‘performance chemicals and materials’, is driving the industry towards achieving symbiotic relationship with other disciplines. Such a vision is a reflected in Haryana research infrastructure which recognizes that contemporary advances in chemical engineering and sciences will be applied to accomplish specific technological tasks. At Haryana the following research areas have been identified for special attention

Customer first” philosophy on product development
Research for Quality consistency
While designing any new product, the customer is the focus of research at Haryana. This makes us adopt a totally flexible approach to achieve the target specifications and cost. Our deep understanding of application backed by in-house application machinery for leather processing, textile printing, PSA and PVC applications allows us to simulate customer requirement in real world environment. Therefore our research team can iterate many times till the desired targets are achieved.
Haryana's quality system is not merely a system of documentation; it is more of research platform where the real quality control begins with researching on modern methods for internal analyses of all inputs, intermediates and finished products. Our SAP based MIS system allows us an audit trail that does not leave any room for error in traceability while handling a process variation and take corrective action through research.
Backed by more than 25 years of research on testing and standardization using chromatography, spectrophotometry and particle size control, Haryana’s research set up is a formidable platform for an unparalleled consistency in quality.

Research on Automation for Economies
Research on Safety and Ecology
Haryana’s real strength lies in economies through automation and controls. Liquid handling, storage, batching, physical and chemical processing, process controls, safety and repeatability is also a key area of research where Haryana’ s management is continuously investing its technical and financial resources.  Perhaps this is the reason that Haryana is fast emerging as an important sourcing hub and a highly reliable partner for many international companies.

Haryana is not just a chemical producer for the sake of revenue generation. We continuously strive to make products and processes safer and cleaner for our employees, customers and the community around us. Our responsibility towards safety and environment is never compromised. Some of the landmark achievements are listed below:

• Haryana is the first Indian company to free its products from restricted substance as per REACH. The company has recently released a safety guide for tanners titled “Green Trek” for improving understanding of tanners about REACH and other safety regulations.

• Haryana has been regularly receiving Government sponsorship and funding for research on environment friendly chemicals. The research projects on Aqueous Polyurethane Dispersions, Polymeric Fat liquors are some examples of Haryana s cutting edge research in ushering in a new trend in “Solvent-Free” products for increased safety for our customers.
• Haryana continues to receive many industry awards instituted by state govt. on safety and environment.
Research on water management is at the core of Haryana’s concerns on sustainability. The idea of water harvesting, recycle and reuse of water locally is gaining momentum in each department at Haryana. The experience of our process experts and chemists is being utilized for minimizing waste, designing and managing water distribution, recycling and reuse in process. Our newly established water testing lab incorporates latest analytical instruments for important water parameters on effluent and process water.

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